Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The sexual Cobra, you never know when it's going to strike!

So, on my last day at IASHS, we talked a LOT about seeing clients in a clinical setting.

Did I mention I finally am okay with this concept?

SO, we talked a lot about issues that arise with already married couples who were not completely honest with either themselves or their partners (or both) when they made the commitment to be partnered in some form or another.

We were talking about the fact that no matter how much you try and supress an urge, a desire, or a fantasy, it will come up again.

Me, be the comedian of the class (smart alek tendencies run in my family) decided that this VERY common state of being will now be known as the Sexual Cobra. Because you never know when it's going to strike. It's just chilling, waving in the air as you try to lull it to sleep and WHAM! You better know how to suck some venom fast!

The point is, that we should really work on being healthy sexual people just as hard as we work on our SAT scores. And probably harder. It sure sticks around a lot longer than those evil, evil tests. And no one cares about what school you did or didn't go to if you can't get it up (proverbialy) without being spanked and have no outlet for that in your life.

I don't care if you're a Mensa member. And neither does your Sex Cobra.

The major problem with sex cobras? They live as long as you do. They live in your house, they go on vacation with you. And your cobras can breed baby cobras in your kids, if you're not careful!
Ok, I'm taking the goofy analogy too far, but who here can't say that their parents attitudes about sexuality didn't imprint on them in some way? And if you're a breeder, as many of us are or will be, do you want your kids to get the same load of goodies that you got?

So what are you going to do with your sex cobra?? Cause you gotta train that thing into a sex earthworm ASAP. Perhaps telling your partner, HELL, telling YOURSELF about whatever it is is the first step.

Go ahead. You have permission. And I won't even say another word about the snake again.

Except that I trademarked and copyrighted that sucker!
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