Monday, February 18, 2008

Not walkin' in a Winter Wonderland...

So, here I am in the land of the always snowing...Minneapolis. Now being a cold weather person, i happen to love it. But today it is literally too cold to play outside, which is all we did yesterday. Now I'm just a visitor to the frozen tundra, but I wonder what the regulars do when it's too cold to go outside.

I had a theory...
Being the sexologist that I am, my mind wandered to sex. Ok, there was no wandering involved. It's just there permanently. Let's look inside the mind of a sexologist...

***Cobweb Clearing***

"Geez, it's cold outside! There's not a single person on the street!"

Stops to pet dog

"this really sux! I wanted to go tubing and skiing today!!!"

Stops to have heated discussion about what constitutes "too cold" to go sledding and skiing.

"Fine fine FINE! I'll just stay inside like the rest of Minneapolis."

big sigh

"I wonder what people DO do in Minneapolis if it's too cold to be outside. Are they all home having sex? Watching TV? Watching TV about people having sex? Hmmmmmmmmm."

Hops on the World Wide Web.

And this is what I found out. After rigorous (re: 10 websites) research (re:people's opinions), here's my conclusions. According to my sources, people THINK more sex is happening in the winter, based on their friends b-days. they just count backwards. Oh, and 1,000 women in England think about sex more in the winter than the summer. Oh, and the Pocket Mouse population of Arizona seems to get mad nookie in Winter and Spring. 

Hard evidence? HELL no! Room for discussion? Always. 

Do YOU have more sex in the winter? If not, what do you do with your snow days?