Friday, February 8, 2008

And what do YOU want to be when you grow up??

Everyone say it with me now,


That is another actual profession, along with Sexology. (our school shirts for this trimester say "Yes, it's an actual degree")

And it's hot kids! All the big auction houses (sotheby's, Christie's) are starting to recognize the value of erotic art...and they have no one to appraise it!

I am in an all day course where we are learning the basics of appraisal, and they are taking us through several pieces, and shoqung is work from lots of people, including an artist known for drawing anthropormorphic mice and ducks. (not that I can say the man's name) the institute will be offering a certification course in art appraisal in the next trimester.

In case you are all sitting at home, surrounded by erotic art, think about this...

You could be "enjoying" your retirement BEFORE you retire!

I'm just saying....

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