Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mike certainly isn't Vestal...

Yes, you from the coastal regions, it happens.

Despite being rated the WORST city to date in America, people in the heartland have sex. And lots of it.

And for those who aren't getting laid enough, there's always inappropriate e-mails.

The mayor of Tonganoxie, KS has been outed as an horndog with a crappy sense of humor.

Turns out the guy sent a picture of a naked woman to several men in his office...

along with accidentally forwarding it to a reporter from a local news station.

The best part? Well, it's hard to choose between the naked lady picture, and the inappropriate comment about Martin Luther King Jr. Decisions, decisions.

you can ready more about this gem of a human being here.

Just thought I'd take a break
from store stuff for a second. We are open for business in EXACTLY 7 DAYS!!!!!!

Can you feel the buzz of excitement????

Friday, September 7, 2007

I am typing this one-handed...

I've been waiting to make that joke for a while...

HOWEVER, humor is not without it's price.

While readying the store for opening (which is Sept. 18th!!!!! BE THERE!!!), I learned that tiny women, even if they are yoga teachers, should not attempt to pick up large pieces of wall by themselves. There are wee bits of bone in your hand. Turns out you can dislocate them.
Funny, huh??

I will be posting in one form or another. This won't stop me!!!