Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't forget to bag your giblets!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving my American friends!! It has been quite an amazing couple of months, and I couldn't have done it without you all and your insatiable lust for information. And vibrators. And condoms. Well, you get the picture. To honor the holiday at hand, I have decided to hunt down a sexological urban myth, and fiound some surprising answers! So eat your turkey, unbutton your pants, and read away:

Q: I've heard that there are vegan condoms. What exactly is a vegan condom? Why are condoms not vegan?

A: Well, I have to admit that when I heard about vegan condoms, I had no idea what made these condoms special. Like the rest of the general non-vegan public, I hadn't thought about animal cruelty in my protective gear. Here I was, in my little latex bubble, thinking that as long as they weren't Lambskin (yes, they are lamb skin, it's not a clever name) they were vegan friendly. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO, how wrong I was!

Turns out latex condoms often are either

A. made by questionable manufacturers that may or may not use animal testing for their products (make me think of fluffy bunnies wearing Trojans)

B. Use casein (a milk-derivative) in the manufacture of the latex.

Only two condoms are actually approved by the Vegan Society are Condomi's and Glyde's. Of the two, vegan's of America are only entitled to Glyde's. Or so says the FDA.

SO, as you cut into your Tofurkey with tempeh drumsticks (yes, I have been to that meal. And it's GOOD!!!) with the one you love, know that afterwards, you can take your post Thanksgiving nookie to a animal-friendly level too. At least with one condom in the USA.

And for that, I truly give thanks.

Other article available here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dying of the plague...

Once again, I find myself sick. Just your run-0f-the-mill snot monster in my head.


Did you know that sex boosts your immune system? AND can help with headaches??

Keep in mind, researchers are talking about full, healthy sexual relationships. this would include (at least in researchers minds) orgasms. That extra rush of blood, a good dose of sweat, and an orgasm could mobilize the immune system.

Like our own little sex G.I. Joe's!


Another study found that TOO much sex could weaken the immune system. It could also be symptomatic of an obsessive relationship.

That's other researchers, not me.

So let's wrap it up for today:

Sex: Good for colds and headaches
Orgasm: Like our own little Gen. George Casey (look it up, folks)
Too much sex: A figment of scientists imaginations. Or lucky people who need a vitamin supplement to boost their oversexed bodies.

So, as a good researcher, the question I must ask myself, is....

Am I having too much sex, or not enough??

It's my own little exi-sexu-al crisis!

Friday, November 9, 2007

the question that makes me feel dirty all over...

Q: So, I have this guy I ‘ve been seeing seriously for a few months, and it’s been great, but this cute guy that I was hitting on months ago finally came around and asked for my number. I want to go on the date with him! It’s not that I’m interested in leaving my boyfriend, but I’m just so curious about this other guy! What should I do??

A: It's official. I'm the relationship expert at Cosmo. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but hey, Let's see if I can help.

First let me start by saying I am NOT a relationship expert. Nor do I have a degree in psychology. Nor do I have a desire to.

BUT, I can examine this question from a neuro-chemical perspective.

Let's break it down, sexologist-style. Awwwwww yeah.

*******Gendered answer approaching, proceed with caution***********
girl likes boy.
boy likes girl.

chemistry is a-boppin. things are strong. dopamine is kickin' stronger than heroin.

(see my other article on sexual chemistry)
A few months later, the chemistry that bonds us to each other for mating purposes wane a wee bit. Seratonin kicks up a notch, so we're not as obsessed with the boyfriend as we used to be. (could be a couple months, could be several years, depending on your chemical response to each other)
You start seeing other people.
And by seeing, I mean "oh, look there are other members of the opposite/same sex out there that are really hot.
Now this is where all those philosophers cross my path. We have free will. Free will dictates that you can stop yourself from random encounters with hot guys/girls behind your boy/girlfriends back.
And then, other bonding chemicals (like endorphins) kick in that have to do with attachment, instead of horniness.
SO the real question you need to ask yourself is am I looking for horniness, that initial rush of attraction over and over,

or are you looking to form a chemical attachment to another human being.

It's your call. That free will thing again.

I need to take a shower now...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All hail the vagina puppet!!!

God I LOVE my job!!! I am totally selling these babies on my website when it's finally out of beta testing!!!