Saturday, June 30, 2007

While watching SICKO this afternoon...

i struk up a wonderful conversation with a couple who also aw the movie. We've decided that there needs to be another term for people with varied sexual interests.

Because fetishists are defined as people who effectually can't get no satisfaction without whatever it is that gets their rocks off.
(I can't come up with another song title to fit in that sentence)

And "sexual deviations" implies that they aredifferent than the norm. And that assumes a standard we all conform to. Which is a load of crapola.

SO, I am looking for a way to describe a multitude of sexual interests without grouping them into fetish-land, and not making people feel outside the so-called norm.

Any suggestions???

P.S. SICKO is probably the most disturbing piece of filmmaking I have seen in a while. Yes, it's regular Michael Moore posturing, but it makes you want to move to Cuba.