Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Latest and Greatest, June 2007

At the end of every month, I add the latest and greatest innovations I have come across in the world of sex. here's June 2007's top 5:

1. Discarded foreskins are being used to treat burn victims. Oh, and in face cream.

2. The CONE is one of the first products I will stock at WINK when we open in September. Count down the days and save your pennies!!!

3. American Stag, the local film with a little titillation. Always a good time.

4. The third date rule. An article sent to me by a lovely reader of this here blog.

5. Going into Pricilla's and overhearing a conversation between the counterboy and a male customer about a universal lubricant for his pleasure. "you know, so the condom doesn't break and the b**ch don't get pregnant." Priceless!!!