Monday, March 17, 2008

What do YOU want to do to the Irish??

Q: In honor of St. Patrick's day... What's the origin of the whole "Kiss me I'm Irish" thing?

A: It's a pretty simple answer, really.

This is the Blarney Stone:

If you kiss it, it's supposed to bring you luck. And if you can't get to the blarney stone, an Irish person is supposedly the next best thing

this is a (my imaginary) person that works at Blarney castle:

Supposedly, they pee on the stone before the tourists arrive as a joke.

this is urolagnia:

It's when people like to pee, or be peed on, or consume pee for non-medical reasons. And yes, there are people who like to drink pee for theraputic purposes.

Now, of course how you celebrate today is up to YOU, but always remember sometimes an Irish person is just an Irish person. And sometimes a stone covered in pee is a fetishists dream come true.