Saturday, March 1, 2008

At the store with no internet access!!

ARGH! Back to remote blogging for today. I am gonna keep this short and sweet for now, and when I get to a place with internet access, I will hotlink these words.

This weekend will be a little insane, plus I'm researching the MOST interesting question for later this weekend. So until I can get away and back to the land of the connected, here's what I've got:

KC magazine is having their big "best of" nominations, and WINK's decided to run in the best boutique category! I think it would make quite the statement to even get the nomination, and show Kansas City for the awesomely sex-positive place it is!

WINK gets nothing except a plaque on the wall, and our undying appreciation!

You can vote HERE.

2. I've confirmed 4 more dates on Mark Manning's amazing radio show! (I will hotlink when I get home) Make sure to listen for the following shows,

March 19-spring is in the air! Sex and spring(you can call in!)

April 2-songs that changed my life. A collaborative project, and I am one of many who will contribut MY song and the story behind it.

April 5- KKFI funddrive! I'll be on there talking about money, sex and power!


Drumroll please....

May 3-WINK and Mark Manning Present:The Tenth Voice- Not Afraid to Ask, the radio show! So save you're hardest questions to call in may 3rd!

So, I hope you all are out enjoying the weather, and if not, drop on by and see Katie and me @ Wink today till 9!

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