Monday, May 14, 2007

OUCH!!!!! that hurts!!!

Sex. One of the few languages we all speak. It's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be comforting.

But sometimes, it's just so darn painful.

An estimated 40-48% of women have to deal with some sort of sexual dysfunction. (1) That can range from "Honey, I'm not in the mood. EVER!" to more serious problems (post-chemo, hysterectomy, etc...)

But what if it just hurts?

No, there are some times in a woman's life where it's just uncomfortable. Immediately after childbirth, not such a hot idea. Super dry vaginal day? Also, unhappy place to visit.

But for a HUGE part of the female population, sex is just painful. It hurts, and nothing seems to make it better.
It's called vulvodynia, also known as vulvar dysesthesia. And it can be frustrating for both women and partner alike. Vulvodynia is characterized by itching, burning, stinging or stabbing in the area around the opening of the vagina. (2) If it's only provoked by penetration, it's got another name, vulvar vestibulitis or vestibulodynia.

Aren't you lucky, you all get your own name for your super-sucky condition.

Good news: there are multiple types of treatments available. So if one doesn't work, you can try another one.
Bad news: Scientists are not sure of the cause, and sometimes not a darn thing seems to help.

Many doctors will tell you that only a combo of medicine and potentially invasive surgery are your only route. these are fine routes to go, but if nothing seems to work...

*Know that there are other options*

A new technique, called the Wurn technique, is causing ripples in the sexual community. Why??? Well, it's good that you ask.

Originally, it was used to help infirtle couples concieve, but the side effects proved beneficial for women who also experience pain.

What is it??

Think of it like a physical therapy for your lady parts. the therapist manipulates your internal and external reproductive organs, hoping to alleviate any adhesions that may have formed. Since adhesions can form very simply and are often undetectable, many women are surprised at how effective the treatment really is. You can learn more about the treatment on a variety of websites, or check out the official website at