Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Analingus and flavored lube...

Q: My partner and I like to play anally. We'd like to do more, but the taste is...um...less than desireable. Can we used flavored lube to mask the taste?

A: Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Rich, and i would like to welcome back my old friend...
The Chocolate Anus!!!

It's good to be back, Elizabeth. 

so, I have a question for you

Happy to help! 

If someone wanted to lick you, and didn't like the taste, what would you recommend?

Not like the taste?


But...I'm made of chocolate.

true, but i mean on a real person, not a chocolate one.

So, are you saying I'm not real???


I have feelings too you know.


I'm very popular, people smile when they see me! the ladies love me!!

Now hold on a sec...

No, YOU hold on a sec. You call me to guest in your blog, parade me out in from of your 
readers, and INSULT me?! I'm out of here. Peace out!!

Peace out??

...I thought I'd try it.

You sound like an anus-shaped Vanilla Ice.

Fine, whatever. Bye.

Suffice to say, flavored lube is alright in theory for analingus, but you have to think about warm wet places and sugar. Sugar and wet=yeast. And YES, you can get a yeast infection in your anus. You can get one in your eye, your mouth. Many people in this prediciment use astroglide, because of it's slightly sweet taste. Astroglide also makes a glycerin-free lube, for extra safety. SO, to sum up, flavored lube is alright in small quantities for non-vigorous fun, but clean up thoroughly when done, and dry the area for extra safety!